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The Destination - Pushkar

Pushkar is an enchanting small town located exactly on the edge of the desert and is situated just 11 kms from Ajmer, but separated from it by Nag Pahar, the Snake mountain. The town frequently visited by the devotees lies to the side of the small Pushkar Lake with its multitudes of bathing ghats and temples. Pushkar is a very important pilgrimage centre for the Hindus and is thronged by plethora of sadhus and devotees.

Pushkar is recognised in the country for its Camel Fair which takes place here each October/November. This huge assembly of camels, cattle, livestock traders, pilgrims, tourists and film-makers is one of the planet's most incredible events. Its an event that should not be missed.

Pushkar is a "City of Temples" , though not as much old but in number as generally claimed. The Brahma Temple is the most famous temple in the town and is said to be the only dedicated to Lord Brahma in India. A red spire marks the temple, and over the entrance gateway is the Hans (goose), the symbol of Brahma who is said to have personally chosen Pushkar as his place.

Temple of Savitri, the wife of Lord Brahma, is situated on a hill top and is another important temple here. It takes a one-hour trek to reach the temple which presents a beautiful view of Pushkar Lake in the morning. Other major places to visit in Pushkar are numerous ghats that run down the lake.

Pushkar is a quaint little town, which time seems to have forgotten. The focus point is a lake surrounded on all sides by 52 ghats (wide steps leading to the waters edge). The town has over 400 temples of which the famous ones are the Brahma Temple, the Rangji Temple (with a decidedly South India flavor) and the Savitri Temple, built atop a hill. The other important temples are those dedicated to Mahadev, Badri Narayan, Gayatri and Varaha.

When visiting Pushkar a visit to the Brahma temple and the lake is a must. At the lake, you can witness various prayer ceremonies and the holy bath by the pilgrim who come from all over India. The priests at Pushkar are supposed to maintain the genealogical records of all Hindu families and many pilgrims come to visit their priest and get their "records" updated. You can watch the traditional Aarti being performed in the evening. At sunset, you can watch the lights of the temples around the lake come on one after another accompanied by Shlokas sung melodiously by priests at the different temples.

A visit to the Savtri temple should be undertaken by those ready for a steep uphill walk. Though once at the top, the view of Pushkar Lake and surrounding landscape is simply magical.

On request a special day time Aarti service with a short prayer ceremony or an evening Diya Arti Service (with small floating candles) can be organized.

The Fair

Pushkar, an important religious place for Hindus, is located only 11 kms from Ajmer in Rajasthan . This little town is hugely known for the "Pushkar Fair' (where the mass trading of camels takes place), "the Lord Brahma Temple", a "picturesque lake' and "camel fair". Pushkar houses as many as 400 temples and 52 ghats, which includes the Brahma temple, the only temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the country. Pushkar is amongst the important pilgrimages in the country visited by devotees from all over the country.

According to the legend, the Pushkar lake was formed where Lord Brahma - the lord of creation - dropped a lotus on the day of the full moon. Every November, the famous Pushkar Fair is held for 7 days which begins on Noami ( the ninth day of the month of Kartik, Oct- Nov, of the Hindu calendar) and finishes on Kartik Poornima (Full Moon). The Fair is marked by a gathering of thousands of camels, cattle and horses for trade, with added attractions of games, races, local folk dances, song and entertainment.

How to get there:

Pushkar lies at a distance of 11 km from Ajmer, which serves as the base for the most of the long-distance journeys to and from Pushkar.

» By Air :The nearest airport from Pushkar is located in Jaipur which is 131 km away.

» By Rail :Ajmer which is situated at a distance of 11 km from Pushkar, is the nearest railway station. Ajmer in turn is well connected with major destinations in Rajasthan.

» By Road :Pushkar has to two bus stands. The Marwar bus stand is situated to the north of the town by the post office and has buses to some long distance places including Delhi, Jodhpur and Bikaner. The Ajmer bus stand is located east of the Pushkar town and offers bus services to Ajmer and Jaipur.



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